About us

The restaurant is family-owned by Thomas and Mary Jo Bateman, James Bateman, and Rinska Carrasco. The word “gadabout,” meaning a habitual, pleasure-seeking world traveler, is the essence of our menu that reflects a thoughtful convergence of cultures, a celebration of Chicago's rich diversity, and a sense of approachable adventure. 

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Our kitchen

Heading up the kitchen, husband and wife team Rolf and Meagan Pedersen draw inspiration from around the world to create elevated, non-traditional street food. Our cuisine aims to evoke a feeling of playful nostalgia through the use of bold flavors and local produce.


The space

We’re lucky enough to have a great space available for parties of any size - up to a hundred people. Our food is delicious, our drinks are refreshing, our furniture is comfortable. Feel free to reach out and discuss the many options our restaurant can offer to make your party great.

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Our Team

James Bateman

James Bateman

General Manager
and Owner

Rinska Carrasco

Rinska Carrasco

Assistant General Manager
and Owner

Rolf Pederson

Rolf Pederson

Executive Chef

Meg Pederson

Meg Pederson

Pastry/Sous Chef


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5212 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL


Tuesdays through Thursdays 5pm-10pm
Friday 5pm-11pm
Saturday 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Sunday 11am-3pm